Look at what we will be learning this year!

*Cartoon Drawing

*Individual Expression in Visual Art

*Perspective Sketching

*Pop Can Art

*Digital World

*Pop Up Diorama

*Pencil Sketching

*Duplicating Art

*Optical Illusion

*Mirrored Art (Game Cards)

*Patterned Art (Expressive Words)

*November Art Slide Show

*Robot Art

*Shadow Art (Lights and Shadows)

*Christmas Ornaments

*Collage (Pastels)

*Pattern Art (Painting)

*Chocolate Art

*Alberta Art

*Plasticine Art


*Pipe Cleaner Art

*Balloon Art

*Storyboard Art

*Origami Art

*Flip Books

*Flap Books

*Poster Art

*Adobe Photo Shop

Grade 4-5 (Art Display)...coming soon

Drawing Native Artifacts (Links below)

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