Friday, September 12, 2014

Snack List 2017-2018

If you can fill an open spot in the Snack List, please let your child know in his/her agenda;
Cheers Mr. Wevers


Cheese: Jesse
Crackers: Dane
Fruit: Aaliyah
Veggies and dip: Noah
Chips: Sheamus
Juice: Gregor
Plates: Tyler
Napkins: Makayli


Cheese: Connor
Crackers: Connor
Veggies and dip: Keira
Chips: Larsen
Juice: John
Napkins: John

Valentine's Day and Easter

Cheese: Tyler
Crackers: Tyler
Fruit: Brienna
Veggies and dip: Dane
Chips: Makayli
Juice: John
Plates: John
Napkins: John

Year End

Cheese: Aaliyah
Crackers: Aaliyah
Fruit: Jace
Veggies and dip: Connor
Chips: Ryen
Juice: Jasper
Plates: Jasper
Napkins: Jasper

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